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Joakim Berghall


Joakim Berghall (born 1980) is a saxophone player / composer from Helsinki, Finland who works in the fields of jazz and world music, playing tenor, alto, soprano and baritone saxophones. He’s been named “a true role model when it comes to playing saxophones in traditional music projects” in Songlines World Music Magazine, and “an exceptionally skillful and creative soloist” by the largest journal in Finland, Helsingin Sanomat. He has toured extensively in 15 countries.

Currently preparing his first solo album, Berghall works with groups like Tsuumi Sound System, Far Side Orchestra, Auteur Jazz and Astro Can Caravan.

When asked why did you decide to play on P. Mauriat instruments? Joakim replies:

“Playing in all kinds of musical surroundings from Finnish world music to free and not-that-free jazz – even chamber music – challenges me to be very flexible, and that flexibility can easily be reached with P. Mauriat saxophones. That’s what I love most about them: they back me up in every musical situation and never let me down.

Having found P. Mauriat instruments has made my professional life much easier. The sound palette is rich and colorful, which gives me countless possibilities. It’s like a candy store. Finally, I’m able to effortlessly reach the sounds I’ve been looking for all these years. Sure, they look great too, which is a nice bonus, but in the end it all comes down to sound. And I go for the sound. I go for P. Mauriat.”


On the Scene with Joakim Berghall